The Post Traumatic Growth Field Manual

Marcus Farris · May 3, 2022

This is Mission 22’s Field Manual for how to learn to thrive after experiencing trauma. This is a manual for warriors, family members, and any other member of the community struggling with processing grief, loss, violence, or other trauma. 

This is not a guide to replace medical advice. This contains first of all, some context for understanding PTSD, moral injury, and stories of Post Traumatic Growth followed by generic healthy living guidelines. 

Any shift in diet, lifestyle, or medications motivated by the contents of this book are the responsibility of the reader; please consult a clinical practitioner before altering any formally prescribed, medically facilitated protocols. 

How to read this manual:

The chapters are laid out in the order we’ve determined are likely to be most useful to the reader as they will build on each other. Following Part I, the theory, the remaining chapters can be read in any order the reader desires.

You will find links within these chapters to resources that contain additional information to the curious reader. Some chapters include links to videos that will take you to YouTube where they are hosted, but are not part of Mission 22’s in-house library. 

The reader is free to explore all these resources and find what’s useful. 

References are made to various mythologies and religious traditions for the sake of telling the broader human story of recovery from trauma; the reader need not be an adherent to any specific faith background to get the most from the information. This manual was not written with respect to a singular faith tradition, though faith plays a large role in trauma recovery as does modern science. 

These ideas will be explored in these pages.

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