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Mission22 March 17, 2022

Elements is a free virtual self-guided 28-part course open to everyone interested in science-based wellness (civilians included).

Elements is designed to bring you the fundamentals of the R+R program, in a shorter self-paced version. While this course is not a replacement for any sort of counseling, medications, or other type of prescriptive regimen offered by healthcare professionals, it will take you through the components of healing that Mission 22 has found to be most effective in living well with trauma. 

Elements is not specific for any particular group of Veterans, civilians, or otherwise; the principles herein are for anyone interested in exploring how humans can grow from any tragedy of life. These lessons were learned from our team growing through combat trauma and PTS, but the lessons are here for everyone.

Healing from a broken heart is no mere process of reading through an online course, but if you press into the tools and concepts presented herein, you’re well on your way to living well with a moral scar. We highly recommend ordering a journal (we prefer the Monk Manual) and a copy of the book The Four Agreements. These will be helpful companions Elements but are not required. 

Each module of Elements will focus on one theme and contain articles, resources, and a brief exercise option for you to follow along with. The course was written by a team of Mission 22 Post Traumatic Growth Coaches bringing different perspectives on the concepts, module by module.

Here is an overview of the topics:

Module 1 – An exploration of what exactly stress, moral injury, and trauma are, why some people experience the same event as traumatic or not, how we can become addicted to the chemicals of stress, and acceptance, forgiveness, and mindfulness practices of what to do about it. We’ll explore how mythologies, modern stories, and ancient near-eastern narratives relate to modern neuroscience. 

Module 2 – A deep dive into the importance of rest and refuge in the home. If you’re not sleeping, you’re not healing, so a good night’s rest is where we turn our attention to next. We’ll also explore the importance of how we breathe (did you know reductions in IQ are associated with a propensity to mouth breath instead of nasal breath?) and how by simply breathing better, we can have profound effects on our physiology. 

Module 3 – We become sick as much by what we eat as what eats us. After investigating those spiritual and psychological things that “eat us,” we’ll now turn to why what we eat has an impact on our ability to handle recurring stress. You’ll find that a lot of long-held “wisdom” dispensed by the powers that be are only adding to your body’s stress and your ability to live well with trauma. 

Module 4 – All along the course, you’ll be given daily exercises to do in your own home or park, but now we’ll address what exactly that exercise is doing for you. Hint: it’s a lot more than the oft-lauded “it’s good for your heart” benefit. In fact, if exercise were a pill, it would be by far the most powerful and effective pill to remedy poor physical and mental health conditions across the board.  

Following this journey, you’ll have a basis for the concepts that our R+R participants are asked to put into long-term practice.