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-Event Procedures

Mission22 November 2, 2021

In this course, you will learn the process of planning and executing Mission 22’s presence at an event, from start to finish. Events are our biggest opportunity to reach folks, introduce them to our community, and educate them about who we are and what programs we offer. 

We have very simple procedures that Ambassadors and Leaders alike are required to follow in order to ensure a smoothly run event with proper support from the Ambassador network and Mission 22 HQ. We require that all Ambassadors attend at least two events with a Mission 22 Ambassador Leader present before attempting to set up an event on their own. If this is not possible, due to distance, please arrange for Zoom training between yourself and the Ambassador.

Building good relationships with your community is the keystone to opening the doors for you to attend more events, and garner the support of your local community. How you conduct yourself is a direct reflection not only on you personally, but on Mission 22 as an organization. Please remember to carry yourself in a polite, positive, and professional manner at all times.

Here’s some information on what to do when you’re planning and implementing a Mission 22 presence at an event, and how to assist Ambassadors in their planning. Most of it you already know from being an Ambassador, but a brush-up never hurts!