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Mission22 March 18, 2022

Podcasts and Articles on Money Management

Joel and Matt created the podcast How To Money to provide practical money-saving advice. Click here to access all their episodes and articles on money management in all aspects and stages of life.

“We know that personal finances can be intimidating. It’s our goal to make money more approachable so that you can get some positive momentum and create long-lasting change in your life.”


Tools and Techniques on Your Path to Financial Independence

Most personal finance advice is geared towards people retiring in their 60s or later and doesn’t apply to those pursuing early retirement. The “Mad Fientist” develops advanced strategies, spreadsheets, and software tools to help you retire earlier. Click here to access all the podcast episodes and articles.

“The Science of Financial Independence”


Free Tools For Creating a Budget, Doing Taxes, Planning Investments And More

Ramsey Solutions offers a range of free tools you can use to reach your financial goals – whether it’s paying off debt, selling your house or switching your career. Click here to access all their tools.