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Mission22 March 9, 2022

 Elements was born out of our first year of implementing R+R. It is a self-paced online course.  It’s designed by our team of Veterans, athletes, and health coaches and includes the fundamentals of the Recovery + Resiliency program, addressing the components of healing that Mission 22 has found to be most effective in living well with trauma.

The course starts by discussing the nuances of moral injury, then goes into what we mean when we talk about “PTS,” the physiological nature of stress, how to get better sleep, a survey of nutrition and how that affects stress, the importance of play and movement, and how we can reunite our individual stories into something bigger than ourselves. 

Elements is open to anyone interested in science-based wellness, civilians included, and is completely free. The information page on our website can be found HERE or simply click this link to go straight to the registration page