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-Phase 3 and How to Use Inner Balance

Marcus Farris March 4, 2022

As with previous phases, continue to hone and refine your routines. Phase 3 will bring new reading material and a new device that allows you to have a real-time visual of your central nervous system balance. This tool is called Inner Balance by HeartMath. This phase comes with a book that accompanies this tool, called Transforming Stress.

There is also a self-paced online course that HeartMath developed for you to get a deeper understanding of why we’ve included it in R+R. Below the unboxing video is the teaser for the free online course (this is not hosted on this site, but on HeartMath’s). The links to that course are found below the second video here.


Click here to get access to the HearthMath Experience, the Free Online Course for the Inner Balance device.

The program provides practical and effective tools for preventing and releasing stressful attitudes and feelings, and for connecting with your heart’s intuitive directions for the best choices in whatever your life situation calls for.