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Planning an Event

Anine February 22, 2022

The first thing to remember when planning or implementing a Mission 22 presence at any event is this: keep an open line of communication with your State Leader. It is very important that Leaders know which events Ambassadors are planning or attending, the date and time the events are happening, how large the expected attendance is, and what materials are needed for the event to be successful.

**Please take into account the following***

In the event a Mission22 leader or ambassador is asked to attend an event, by the Ambassador Program Director and costs are involved, Mission22 will be the responsible party for payment. 

This does not include events that a leader or ambassador asks/wants to go to, furthermore does not include events that are posted on workplace looking for representation to attend the event. If there is an event chosen to go to, it is assumed that you have assessed the potential travel needs and are responsible for any and all travel costs.

Please DO NOT plan or attend events as a Mission 22 Ambassador without prior State Leader approval! If there is no State/Regions Leader in your area, please reach out to the Ambassador Program Director.

If you a     re not sure where to start planning an event, take a look at what’s happening in your own personal community. There are likely a lot of events to attend in your area, anything from a veteran-focused event to a craft fair. Other events such as a concert, car show, sporting event, festival, or even a cook-off event; the sky’s the limit, and often these local events are easily found on your preferred social media platform.

Once you have found an event that you’d like to hold a booth at, the next step is to contact your State Leader, or Region Leader if you don’t have a State Leader. They will guide you through filling out a new event information sheet (found on the files tab on your region page in Workplace) if you need assistance. Please make sure that the form is filled out in its entirety to ensure that your Leader understands the event that you’d like to represent Mission 22 at. This makes it easier for them to approve it quickly and get an event made in the event tab on your state page in Workplace. Please do not create an event in Workplace yourself, that is a State and Regional Leader task. Your State/Regions Leaders will also contact the rest of the ambassadors to see if anyone is available to help the day of the event. This is very helpful, so that everyone has one main point of contact, and avoids potential confusion. Your event will also be placed on the events page on the Mission 22 website.

If your event is to be an information-only booth, we require 14 days of lead time so we can provide you with all the tools for tabling an event, but without enough notice, it may not be possible to have materials on hand.

Additionally, if merchandise is requested at any event, your Leader needs to be made aware with ample time (more than 30 days) to plan to be there, as State or Regional Leaders must be present to sell any Mission 22 merchandise at an event. This 30-day lead time is needed so there is enough time for our merchandise company to ensure timely arrival of needed merchandise.

Please understand that State Leaders cannot attend all events, so again, planning with as much notice as possible is appreciated. Leaders are required to submit merchandise requests 30 days prior to any event’s scheduled date, if the new event is sooner, it will have to be an information-only event. We understand that sometimes events suddenly pop up, however, we ask that as soon as you find out about an event please reach out to your State or Region Leader. Short notice events are subject to Ambassador Program Director approval.